Danna M

"Thank you Amanda for introducing LipSense to me. I'm in love with my lips for the first time in a LONG time. For as long as I can remember my lips have been chapped. Like... real bad chapped all the time... year around. Before LipsSense I was using a Lanolin based product that was helping... but wasn't near as fun and cost a little more. Even just the gloss alone helps brighten my look and make my lips feel so much better! 
Funny story... my mom was over trying on my LipSense colors (I have a lot) and I left them laying out on the counter. My husband came in and saw them. He said "do you really need that many different colors". I responded with "they are fun and worth if for these kissable lips... right?" He chuckled agreed and moved on. "


- Danna M

Amanda Rupley