Dream Big, Little Princess

A sweet girl reminded me of this moment, today, and I wanted to reshare it so it'll stay fresh in my heart.  
This moment, from a day in July 2018, has been something that I can’t even find the words for.

But this? This moment ... forever engraved in my heart, and by far the BEST moment in this journey thus far. Tears streaming down my face while I scroll through them.

As I’m walking down the sidewalk this evening, I hear a little voice screaming “princess, princess...”
I turn around to find two of the cutest little sweethearts gleaming up at me. Immediately, I drop to my knees, and the world around me is silent. My focus 100% on these two sweet girls. It didn’t matter I was meant to be somewhere. It didn’t matter I wasn’t feeling great. All that mattered, in that moment, were these two.
This moment is what it’s all about.

I believe God brings us beautiful moments in times that are needed the most.

He spoke through me, telling these princesses to always, always dream big and always remember that they can do, and be, anything they put their mind to.
Thank you to Brittany Clark who, unbeknownst to me, caught this entire exchange. And to Joni Rogers who has opened her heart to lead us in the way that I’m so proud to be apart of.

My heart is beyond full. ❤️

Dream big, sweet princess, and grab those dreams! 


This thing called Marriage....

This thing called marriage. 
Partnership. Love.

The saying goes that Opposites Attract. What a cliche, right? Nope. Its true.

If you would've told me 15 years ago that I would be married for as long as I've been now, and to a cop at that, I'd laugh at you. If you would've said this person would be in my corner, cheering me on and supporting me in all things - I would've said you're nuts.

See, our story isn't conventional. Its not traditional. But its ours. We got engaged 6 weeks after we met, married a short time later and now celebrating 11yrs of birthdays together. We've seen good, bad, awesome, tough, and all the in-between. 

But what we've never seen? We've never seen one or the other doing it all. We've always met in the middle and always have had a partnership. Even when the partnership was tough, it was always there. Why? Because we respect one another and the life we have, and are, building.

He has sacrificed, and supported, for my ventures to excel. I've sacrificed, and supported, many days/holidays/weekends of not enjoying my husband because he followed his dream in a profession that was embedded in his soul. 

Sacrificing for one's passion is part of it. But so is SUPPORTING for one's passion. A partnership is love. Its support. Its not resentment or anger. 

I type this as I've been awake for a few hours now. See, I love waking up to have coffee with this man before he goes to work. Its my way of showing my love, appreciation and support of his schedule. Its a way for us to share about our day, first thing, and kick it off on a good note. Supporting your spouse, not just loving them, is the key we've found to be a true partnership.

Go have coffee with your partner, friends.  

Amanda Rupley
Dreams DO come true!



“If you can dream it, you can do it” - Walt Disney
One year ago, I sat in our company’s annual (biggest) convention - as a brand new distributor. Having only been in the business 4mo, I was blown away at all the things around me.
I learned the heart and soul of our Founder and executive staff, and learned that our mission isn’t just about makeup or skincare. It’s about empowering women, supporting women, LOVING women. She took that stage and told us we could be anything we wanted, and that she created this minimal investment and maximum compensation plan so that any woman (of any age, size, ethnicity, background) could live life in love and abundance and provide a life for their family through this vehicle.
I knew then why I was here. I knew then she was the one who listened to Gods calling and creating this “MORE” for us. I knew this was the piece to my puzzle I’d been missing. I dreamed of being on that stage, teaching thousands on how to build this business. I began getting coachable, learning, soaking up all the knowledge and TRYING. I began finding my fire and passion in helping all of the women I could.
And, one year later, that dream came to reality as I took the stage and spoke to thousands on this business - empowering them with belief and knowledge on small steps they could take.
When your dreams come to reality, you set new dreams. Now, my dream is to help as many women to the top as possible b/c the bottom is too crowded! 😘❤️😘❤️🙌🏽🙌🏽

(Left bottom pic: setting NEW goals)

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