Amanda Rupley


Amanda Rupley is an Actress, Author, Encourager, Entrepreneur, Lip Boss, and Public Speaker.  She wears many hats ;)

A former Casting Director in reality television, Amanda has built a foundation of a career in the entertainment industry.  But, she was tired of the demanding hours and long days on set away from her family.  So, she decided to live her dreams.

Now, she lives her life as a professional princess.  She is currently a Ruby Crown Princess with SeneGence International, building a team that has done over $3 million in sales in 12 months.

More About Amanda

Born in Anaheim, California, Amanda made her debut in the entertainment industry at the tender age of two.  During her tenure, Amanda has landed many various rewarding roles and opportunities in print, film, television, voice-overs, and theatre.  Her credits include many such as Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All” music video, Kodak Training Films, Chuck-E-Cheese commercials, lead roles in theater productions and many more.

About fifteen years ago, Amanda broke into the “behind-the-scenes” portion of entertainment.  This struck huge interest in her eyes, and soon this became Amanda’s passion.  Since this decision, Amanda has been privileged enough to work on casting for many major shows such as FOX’s MasterChef, FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen, NBC’s Losing It with Jillian Michaels, MTV’s The Real World, and NBC’s Biggest Loser to name a few.  Her credits range over 50 titles.

Diagnosed with Lupus in late 2011, Amanda has fought to be a voice for the Lupus Community.  She advocates for fellow Lupus Survivors and fights to raise awareness through the Lupus Foundation of America – Lone Star Chapter.  

In late 2016, she stubbornly made fun of this product that was sweeping social media – LipSense.  Being naïve, and not understanding, she brushed it off for three months.  Until, she realized SeneGence International was actually founded in 1999.  Understanding business, and direct sales, Amanda immediately saw the writing on the wall.  Studying the Four Stages of Growth in Direct Sales, and reading “Wave 3: The New Era of Network Marketing”, Amanda new Momentum was upon this company and she jumped at the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  She broke it down for the masses, via a video that went viral, and got to work building her empire.  (Click here to view).

Though she began her journey to build a financial empire, she wasn’t expecting the personal growth that came along with it.  Struggling with body image issues most of her adult life; Amanda says she now has a huge amount of self-love, confidence, and “humility in her heart” than she ever has before.  She embraces the epitome of the SeneGence Sisterhood and is on a mission for helping other women find this lifetime of an opportunity.

She is passionate about life and living it with the most grateful heart, believing in yourself, encouraging others to believe they can do anything they believe they can do, and her family.   She and her husband, Derek, reside in the Dallas, TX area with their two kids and two dogs.  

Amanda's Amazon Bestseller,  Lights. Camera. Lupus. is an inspirational and personal lupus survivors testimony of privately dealing with a chronic illness while living in a very public world. Amanda gives us a firsthand account of the very real near-death experiences she has undergone over and over during her life. Amanda illuminates the devastation and frustration of being sick and not having anyone give her the answers she needed to heal. Her fight is one of courage and strength, showing that everyone - both the sick and the well alike - can be empowered to learn and to teach others how to overcome the curveballs life throws.